Mainline Repair Complete

The damaged mainline has been repaired and is no longer leaking. Water service has been restored to all of Harris County MUD No. 264. Inframark will be flushing the mainlines to ensure water quality is maintained. If you experience any issues with water quality, please flush your home’s lines via an outside faucet or the cold faucet in a bathtub for 15 minutes. If you’re still experiencing water quality issues after 15 minutes of flushing, please call in to Inframark at (281) 398-8211 so that the matter can be investigated. Thank you again for your patience while your MUD and Inframark keep our community’s infrastructure functional and safe for us all.

Water Main Break Near Garnercrest and Hudson Oaks: Repair and Service Update

A contractor hit a water main in the vicinity of Garnercrest and Hudson Oaks, causing a significant leak in our water system.

To repair the water line, it will be necessary to suspend water service to the area in the vicinity of the break. Inframark Field Technicians are on site and an excavation crew is in route to make the repairs.

To prevent our entire community from losing pressure, the area around the break will experience reduced water pressure for a time period, then will have no pressure while the water line is being excavated and repaired. Once repairs are complete, water pressure will be restored, and Inframark will proceed with flushing the water lines to ensure our water quality is maintained.

Thank you for your patience while your MUD and Inframark work keep our community’s Water System functional and safe for everyone.