Emergency Contact Information

For Any Medical Emergencies, Fire, Police or Other Emergency Situations use: 911

Harris County Deputies

The Copperfield Homeowners Association rather than the Municipal Utility District contracts the deputies.

Why do we need a Deputy contract? This is a question many new residents ask after moving into our area. All of our District customers live in an unincorporated area, that is, not within the boundaries of the City of Houston. Police, fire, ambulance services that many City of Houston residents take for granted, are supplied to our residents by Harris County and volunteer groups . In Houston, water and sewer utilities are other services provided by the city to its residents. Conversely, residents in unincorporated areas do not pay city taxes.

The Harris County Sheriff is responsible for law enforcement within an amazing 1,788 square miles of the county. For many other states, this geographic area is the entire state.

Harris County Deputies Office
(24 hours a day) (281) 376 – 3472

Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department

The Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department provides service to approximately 200,000 residents in North West Harris Count. It’s Communications Center dispatches over 14,600 calls a year for two Departments.

Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department
(24 hours a day) (281) 550 – 6663

Hurricane Preparation


For questions concerning your water bill, please contact the Operator, INFRAMARK.

Billing: (281) 579-4500 (8AM-5PM)
Service: (281) 398-8211 (24 Hours)

Water Service Emergencies

Know the location of your home’s water cut-off valve.  It will be located either immediately outside or inside your home at the corner closest to your water meter.  It is typically on the side of the house near an outside hose faucet.  The cut-off valve will be below the water hose valve.  Turn this valve clockwise to shut off all water to your house.

  • INFRAMARK continuously monitors pressure of the main lines along with pump operations.
  • In the event of a major leak in your house or yard, turn off the water then call the INFRAMARK 24 hour service line (281) 398-8211.
  • For routine inquiries, please use the form below. A reply should be sent to you within two working days.

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    Requests for Public Information

    Requests for public information must be submitted to the District by one of the approved methods and addresses listed below:

    • By mail: Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 264
      c/o Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP
      3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600, Houston, Texas 77027
    • By e-mail:
    • In person: Same as mailing address.